Published On: Wednesday, 04 October 2017

Prince George Using Online Simulator for Budget Consultations

Prince George Using Online Simulator for Budget Consultations

PRINCE GEORGE - The City of Prince George is providing citizens with an opportunity to express their opinions about the budget allocations for various City services and functions.

These opinions will be collected this month by an online budget simulator called Citizen Budget, which was first used by the City in 2015, and continues to be part of the Talktober.

Citizen Budget provides an opportunity for respondents to enter their personal property assessment into the survey. This allows respondents to see how their property tax is currently allocated across various City operations; it also indicates how their choices about the financial allocations to various City operations would be reflected in their personal property tax bill.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the Citizen Budget survey. Upon completing the questionnaire, residents can submit their feedback, review the implications for their personal taxes, and share the results on a variety of social networks. The results will be presented to Council at the outset of 2018 budget deliberations.

Citizen Budget is available at the following link. Submissions will be accepted until October 31, 2017.