Published On: Thursday, 08 March 2018

City of Kamloops Announces New Corporate Structure

City of Kamloops Announces New Corporate Structure

KAMLOOPS - The City of Kamloops has announced a new corporate structure in an effort to consolidate services, create organizational efficiencies, and reduce operational expenses. The restructuring of City departments is the result of a recent review of services and capacity prompted by the departure of David Duckworth, the City’s Corporate Services and Community Safety Director.

The new structure follows best practices in municipal organization and streamlines existing City departments into four main functional areas:

  1. Civic Operations;
  2. Community and Protective Services;
  3. Development, Engineering, and Sustainability; and
  4. Corporate Services.

These four departments are supported by Administration and Human Resources and Safety. Specific responsibilities are detailed below.

  1. Civic Operations (Director: Jen Fretz)
    • Public Works and Utilities
    • Capital Projects
    • Facilities Operations
    • Parks Operations
  2. Community and Protective Services (Director: Byron McCorkell)
    • Recreation Services
    • Cultural Services, including Kamloops Museum & Archives
    • Social and Community Development
    • Community Safety and Enforcement, including RCMP, Kamloops Fire Rescue, and Bylaw Services
  3. Development, Engineering, and Sustainability (Director: Marvin Kwiatkowski)
    • Building Inspection
    • Engineering
    • Real Estate
    • Community Planning and Sustainability (with the addition of Parks Planning)
    • Development and Subdivision
    • Transportation (including Transit)
  4. Corporate Services (Director: Kathy Humphrey)
    • Finance
    • Information Technology
    • Legislative Services and Procurement

The changes took effect on March 3, 2018. The four restructured departments will be supported by the Human Resources and Safety Department, which will remain unchanged and is under the direction of Director Lori Rilkoff.

All departments are also supported by Administration under the direction of the Chief Administrative Officer, David Trawin. The Administration Department includes External Relations and the Communications and Community Engagement Division.

The restructure will result in some managers and staff being shifted to other departments and will provide annual savings ranging from $150,000 to $325,000. The total fiscal reduction will be determined over the next several weeks and will depend on human resource changes resulting from the restructure.