KAMLOOPS – Looking good and feeling good. That’s what Main Street Clothing is all about.

After 19 years in business, the staff at Main Street have built a reputation as reliable fashion consultants for their clientele.

“We carry everything needed to dress men and women from head to toe,” says owner Nicki James. “We carry shoes, underwear, belts, pants, dresses – you name it.”

The store carries many different brands including Alpha, Barney Cools, Levi’s, Guess, Neuw, and RVCA.

When clients come into the store, James and her team help find clothing that suits their individual personality and needs.

“If you were to come into the store, I’d start by asking some questions,” says James. “I’d want to know what your personality is like, what kind of clothes you own, and what you’d feel good in.”

These questions help James create comfort and trust with her clients, while getting some direction on what clothes would best suit them.

“In my experience, clients become comfortable with me fairly quickly,” says James.

“I’d tell them what’s going on in fashion, and give them some options. I’m always trying to bring clients outside of their comfort zone.

“When I’m dressing men, I pay attention to the parts of the body that they might want to show off. If you’ve got a muscular physique, for example, I want to give you something that will show a nice silhouette and be comfortable.”

The team at Main Street Clothing is interested in helping clients become more adventurous with their wardrobe, giving them the confidence and safety they need to step out of their comfort zone.

“I find that in this business, you’re a friend you’re a teacher, you’re a psychologist – you’re all of these things for your customer,” says James. “We make our clients feel special and comfortable, and we don’t judge. We just want to make whoever comes through our door feel good about what they’re buying.”

Over their 19 years, the team at Main Street has built a loyal clientele.

“We have many customers who have been coming through the store since day one,” says James. “We’ve seen some come in as teenagers who’ve since graduated, married, and had children. We’ve had some women who’ve come in while pregnant, and have been able to watch their children grow up.”

Some of Main Street’s clients visit the store as much as three times a week, not wanting to miss out on the new stock, which can sell out in as few as two days.

“Our customers are very loyal,” says James. “We hear more and more that we do something different. There’s so much mass production, and the unique line of products that we carry is something that many people love about our store.”

The team carefully selects all the clothes they carry, thinking about trends in the community and the personal tastes of their clientele when selecting clothes.

“We don’t always buy from some well-known label, but our customers feel good about our products because they trust us.”

221 Victoria St, Kamloops, BC V2C 2A1