Published On: Friday, 06 October 2017

Community Futures Central Island Adds New Talent

Community Futures Central Island Adds New Talent

NANAIMO - Community Futures Central Island recently welcomed Kelly Mc Bride to their office. McBride will take on the job of Business Development and Credit Officer, responsible for creating the best customer experience for the organization’s loan clients.

She will be reporting directly to Executive Director Jolynn Green while providing a key leadership role throughout the small to medium business loans process.

“Kelly’s background in business on a global level and fresh outlook of local business issues are true assets to our organization” says Ed Poli, Chair of the Community Futures Central Island Board of Directors.

“Her most interesting occupation was assisting with the planning and delivery of the 2014 International Festival of Business, a 50-day festival in Liverpool which attracted 68,600 business attendees from 92 countries at 415 events.

McBride recently finished her contract with the Central Vancouver Island Multicultural Society and brings comprehensive experience in public service and non-profit environments to Community Futures, along with superior knowledge of human resources, partnership development, staff leadership and financial management.

Community Futures provides business loans and advice that is tailored to the needs of individual small and medium sized business. Community Futures is a non-profit, small business development organization – based in the community and for the community.

Their wide variety of business loans and tools are designed to help entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve their goals. They provide financing alternatives to small and medium enterprises when access to credit is a challenge to start or grow their business. To learn more go to