Published On: Monday, 25 January 2016

Community Futures Unveils Self-Employment Survey

Community Futures Unveils Self-Employment Survey

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BC - Community Futures Central Vancouver Island 2016 is inviting the public to  participate in their Self-Employment Survey.

The survey results provide important information, which helps form their strategy development and enables them to make appropriate adjustments to their service delivery efforts. 

If you complete the survey by Feb 7, 2016 you'll gain the opportunity to Win $100 prepaid Visa card as a support to one of our local businesses.

To participate in the online survey, go to to the following link.

If you are unable to click on the link directly, please copy and paste the entire link into the Address or Location field at the top of your Web browser, and press the ENTER key on your keyboard to access the survey Web site.

If you need to interrupt the survey, simply exit the site. Re-enter by clicking again on the above link and you will return to the same point on the survey automatically.