Published On: Monday, 27 November 2017

Nanaimo Set to Overhaul Capital Project Management

Nanaimo Set to Overhaul Capital Project Management

NANAIMO - The City of Nanaimo has taken measures to oversee and change its project management practices following the November 20 release of a Deloitte Report as part of its Core Services Review.

The “City of Nanaimo Capital Project Planning, Design, Delivery and Operation Process Review” by Deloitte (available on Page 21 of at the following link), an international consulting firm, assessed and reported on four of the City’s departments that states, “For the year 2016, the City budgeted $50.6 million for its capital projects, whereas the actual spend was $24.9 million.”

"I trust in the work of Senior Management at the City of Nanaimo," says City of Nanaimo Chief Administrative Officer Tracy Samra, adding that the City has dedicated, experienced and talented managers and employees that have proven themselves over the years.

"These measures are being put into place to ensure diligent and effective project management. It will take time for the recommendations to be fully put into practice. Implementation of recommendations have already started with Fire Hall #1 and will take up to 12 months."

As a result of a comprehensive review of key departments and their capital projects, an RFP has been issued to identify consultants who will now oversee three experienced senior managers and their teams as they plan, design and deliver the City's capital projects for 2018.

With $188 million in planned spending on capital projects from 2017-2021, the City expects that by following Deloitte's recommendations, spending will stay on track.