Published On: Thursday, 07 June 2018

Multi Award-Winning Designers Work For Residential & Commercial Clients

Multi Award-Winning Designers Work For Residential & Commercial Clients

VICTORIA – As an award winning interior designer Tracey Lamoureux the Founder and Senior Designer at Victoria’s Spaciz Design Studio has seen a lot of changes occur in the construction industry since launching her career more than 25 years ago – but the one element of the sector that hasn’t changed is the need to offer a variety of services, approach every job as a professional and to provide a distinctive look for all our clients.

“My team and I regularly work for both residential and commercial clients as well as with builders and developers – essentially all sectors of the market. Interior design is certainly one of the few areas in the construction industry that is dominated by women, but honestly I’ve generally always had positive experiences with construction teams and enjoyed being part of project problem solving, which is a big part of my job” she explained.

“That said I am seeing more and more women taking on more active roles in the industry, including trade positions, which I think is super exciting and helps bring a balanced perspective to any project.”

A graduate of the highly accredited Interior Design program from Mount Royal University in Calgary Alberta, Lamoureux has been the creative force behind a number of award winning projects over the years, including having garnered the Victoria Real Estate Board’s (VREB) Commercial Real Estate Award of Excellence and multiple CARE (Construction Achievements and Renovations of Excellence) awards from the Canadian Home Builders Association (CHBA).

Lamoureux and her all female staff has worked for clients all across Western Canada since the firm was launched in 1993 and have assembled over the years an extensive portfolio of projects that include exceptional single family homes, entire multi-family developments and numerous retail outlets. We call ourselves “The Broad Thinkers” says Lamoureux.

“I love working directly with the clients, listening with fortitude to capture the vision they have, not just my own. It’s highly important to understand the limitations of the budget of course, but good design doesn’t have to be expensive. Interior design isn’t an elitist thing and it isn’t about spending a lot of money. In realty it’s all about making the best use of the interior space that you have. Often it’s the simple changes that can make a big difference to how a room feels and functions,” she said.

In addition to Lamoureux, the compact and focussed team at Creative Spaciz Design Studio includes Designer Carley Petillion, Designer Emily Fisher, and Designer Madison Leslie. All of whom share either in the business profits or bonus’s. She states, “If Spaciz is growing they all deserve to be growing along with us”

Thanks to a creative background that includes millwork and her own home building projects Lamoureux has a thorough understanding of the construction process which proves invaluable when working with clients, builders and trades.\

“It does help to know the process and I enjoy working with builders and seeing the process through from concept to completion. We’re helping to create something that will be used and enjoyed for a long time and that has a satisfaction of its own,” she said.

Creative, experienced and truly passionate about interior design, Creative Spaciz Design Studio has, as its website Mission statements states: Spaciz Designers aspire to avoid predictable, question existing standards, blend visual influences, listen with fortitude, and nudge you to go further.