OKANAGAN  – Nearly 8 months in, Sarah Moores is loving her job as the Nespresso Professional Territory Manager for the Okanagan/Northern BC/BC Interior and Kootenays.

A long-time Okanagan resident, Sarah joined the company August of last year, bringing nearly 2 decades of customer satisfaction and hospitality experience with her.

“As someone who embraces the Okanagan lifestyle, I was attracted by Nespresso’s commitment to sustainability and ethical practices,” she says. “The whole brand works together as one big team, from the farmer to its distributors, and it has been an amazing company to work for.”

The Nespresso brand began in 1996, providing premium products and customer service to world-class hotels, restaurants, and cafes. Served by over 750 of the world’s top chefs, Nespresso has formed important partnerships with associations of renowned gastronomists, Chefs and Sommeliers around the world including multiple Michelin Star Restaurants.

In 2003, they collaborated with the Rainforest Alliance to launch the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Program, a unique responsible coffee sourcing standard. This was eventually followed by the launch of Positive Cup in 2014. Since then, Nespresso has been increasingly sourcing top-tier coffee from AAA farms, enabling and encouraging the recycling of all Nespresso capsules, and working to reduce the carbon footprint of every cup of coffee.

“We offer a zero waste recycling for our used capsules,” says Sarah. “The recycling program is free for our Professional customers, and we strongly encourage everyone to take advantage of this. We work closely with Canadian farmers, providing them with the recycled grounds, while sending the recycled aluminium to the automotive industry.”

Nespresso is finding growing demand in office spaces where the product serves both the employees and customers of these businesses.

“We’re seeing more and more companies looking to offer their employees and clients quality coffee solutions in the office,” Sarah continues. “We have brilliant machines that can create flawless milk-based espresso drinks in seconds. This is very appealing for businesses like car dealerships, resorts, client care establishments and busy restaurants.”

As a local representative for Nespresso Professional, Sarah Moores uses her extensive knowledge of food service and customer care to bring premium coffee solutions to all Okanagan businesses and prides herself on knowing her client base, their needs and has become a valued business partner.

Find out more at www.nespresso.com, or by emailing sarah.moores@evs-pro.com